13 years of instruction:
Barbara is wonderful teacher who helped by two boys achieve first class honours in their grade 10 RCM exam. It is thanks to Barbara's patience and understanding of my older son, who is on the autism spectrum, that he was able to achieve this level in piano. She holds recitals and performance classes to push each student to their maximum potential. I especially appreciate how adaptable she was in continuing classes and recitals during the pandemic.
Alex Y

7 months of instruction:
Barbara is a true professional. When looking for a piano teacher for my daughter I was looking for someone not only kind and patient but someone with an extensive and professional musical education and background. In only 7 months, my 6 year old daughter is reading notes and is able to play a number of songs by memory. Thank you Ms. Barbara!
Natalia Romanelli

17 years of instruction:
I had piano lessons from Mrs. Barbara since I was 3 years old. She is an excellent teacher who made me do my best. Sometimes she was very strict, but I did really well. She is a teacher and a friend.
Sanduni Fernando

5 years of instruction:
We feel very blessed to have had Ms. Barbara as our son’s piano teacher.  She is an excellent educator who approaches piano instruction in an organized and systematic way.  In the early years, our son benefitted from her child-centred approach that made music-learning playful and engaging.  Each week, for the past five years, she has motivated our son to achieve new formidable piano goals. Ms. Barbara provides a comprehensive program that encompasses expert instruction in the Suzuki approach, Royal Conservatory preparation and music theory. In addition, her program includes family recitals, student performance classes and individualized support to students wishing to perform competitively in music festivals such as Kiwanis and Davenport. We recommend Ms. Barbara to any family that is looking for an exceptional piano teacher.  
​​​​​​​Rosalia and Robert F.

4 years of instruction:
We continue to be amazed that we have someone with Barbara’s level of proficiency and experience teaching our children. Barbara is first and foremost an excellent teacher- patient, engaged, highly organized and very creative in the numerous methods she uses to bring the best out of the student. Second, she is an incredible musician and is able to draw on high level performance experiences and techniques to help students overcome exam and performance anxiety. We particularly love how she gets all her students, who range in age and level, involved in making each other better through student only performance classes. That brings a sense of community and pride to the students and parents in her studio which is very unique. Overall a very special teacher using her musical gift to help others!
Megan and James F.